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Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative Divorce is a process whereby divorcing individuals are each represented by their own attorney.  Each party and each attorney make a formal commitment to resolve the parties' difference  outside of court intervention through a series of settlement conferences.  The process is cooperative in nature and the focus is on creative problem solving as a team in a private and a less threatening venue than litigation. The collaborative process can also incorporate the use of therapists, accountants, financial planners, as well as coaches based upon the needs and desires of the parties.

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• Less expensive than ligitation

• Private

• Individual Legal representation

• Creative problem solving

• Facilitates mutual respect, common goals & communication

Why choose collaborative divorce:

Attorney Brakeman is a founding member of the Litchfield County Collaborative Law Group

Get emotional support and experienced legal guidance throughout your divorce process.

Work with a team concerned about the best long term plan for your family.


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