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Mediated Divorce

Avoid the expense, stress and public nature of litigation.  Work together in the

privacy of the Mediator's office.  Attorney Brakeman is a trained Mediator and will educate you on the laws and help you work together to reach goals and resolve issues.

Attorney Brakeman also has a background in psychology  which helps in assisting couple manage the emotions and the stresses of divorce.


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  • Less expensive

  • Private

  • Fosters client awareness, decision making and control over the process

  • Effective use of time

  • Detailed and thorough agreements

  • Reduces chance of a return to court on post judgement disputes

  • Detailed financial planning and awareness

  • Establishes goals for your future

Why choose mediation

The end of your marriage isn't the end of your relationship, especially when children are involved. Start this new phase of your family on the right foot.

Make sure everyone's needs are taken care of.


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Promoting non-adversarial approaches to resolving divorce and other family issues.


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A public service website with helpful information on how courts in Connecticut operate.


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Tools for parents in divorced households to communicate and organize their lives.


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Provides used car values for a variety of buying, selling and trading transactions.

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