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Real Estate Closings

Attorney Jill B. Brakeman has represented buyers, sellers and lenders for over 23 years.  The firm offers professional service with reasonable prices.  Attorney Brakeman and her staff will ensure that the process of buying, selling or refinancing your home is a pleasant, organized, efficient and memorable experience.  We take you through the process from the execution of the contract to the closing.  We will address all your concerns and advocate for you

if problems arise.

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• We represent:

- Buyers

- Sellers

- Lenders

Our services

Attorney Brakeman has a skilled and trained staff to assist her clients through the real estate transaction.  

The firm's goal is to ensure that the transaction is efficient. Our fee's are competitive and reasonable.  Attorney Brakeman is an approved attorney for the McCue Mortgage Company.  Her services are considered to be of high standard pursuant to lender satisfaction.

Our experience

• Drafting Contracts

• Contract Review

• Title Review & Title Searches