Jill B. Brakeman, Attorney, Mediated Divorce Counselor
Jill B. Brakeman address & phone
Attorney Jill B. Brakeman is a firm believer that you and your spouse are the best persons to make important decisions about your future, so her mission is to provide you with practical advice and legal knowledge so that you can choose what is best for both you and your family. She is available to consult with you at the convenient Law Office & Mediation Center located in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Attorney Brakeman is an experienced family law attorney who will work directly with you as your educator and advisor. She is experienced in both Mediated Divorce and Collaborative Divorce, both of which help to avoid prolonged and expensive
courtroom battles. Compared to litigated divorce, both are much less stressful than trial, more efficient, and less expensive. Attorney Brakeman is commited to help you reach a fair settlement and help you resolve all issues, rather than prepare your case for trial.

Attorney Brakeman is a dedicated and highly-skilled family law attorney committed to reducing the emotional and financial costs that too often can result from litigated divorce.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services, or if you wish to schedule an appointment with Attorney Brakeman, please call the Law Office & Mediation Center at 860-567-3404.